SlideME - A pesky app market


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A message from SlideME:

Froggy's Shape Tap was permanently forbidden with the following message: *EXCLUSIVE EXTERNAL MARKET PURCHASE LINKS: (Due to previous flags on account, no further reviews on this account until paid version of applications are submitted.) You have not provided a paid version to SlideME. This is not required as long as your free ad version is the full version. However, per the Developer Distribution Agreement you agreed to, you cannot "tease" users (in your long description or within the application) regarding a full or paid version that they cannot purchase.

I am always wary when uploading an app to SlideMe. More then any other market (by far) they scrutinize every detail of your app almost to the point where they have become unreliable as a Google Play alternative.

For the past few months I have been submitting my apps one at a time to the various alternative markets out there. I am trying to stray away from my sole dependence on Google Play.

With most markets I have no issues except for SlideME. Either my descriptions are not to their likening, invalid links, or now it appears they will no longer accept apps from me until I submit a paid version.

I am not sure what they mean by "tease" users. I think my description is pretty clear -