Share My Creation SmartSchems for VW


Niche marketing taken to the extreme.
I wish I had a brain that allowed me to conceive of an app with universal appeal.
I don't though, so I come up with ideas like this.

SmartSchems is an app that displays fully scalable electrical schematic drawings.
This edition features all the diagrams for the classic era air cooled VW models.
    • 1951 - 1971 VW Bugs
    • 1952 - 1971 VW Bus
    • 1956 - 1970 Karmann Ghia
    • 1961 - 1968 Type 3
A tap on the area of interest causes only the wires making up the circuit of interest to be visible.
The switches and controls of each circuit operate.
For example a tap on the horn switch causes the horn sound. The hi/lo beam switch dips the headlights.

Through the magic of B4X, SmartSchems is available for both android and iOS.

All the schematics exist in files that were created using a B4J program that I wrote to group the various circuit wires into the real circuits.
This approach takes the load off the mobile device and places it on the desktop. computer for development of the circuit files allowing for faster performance the capacity to store a fairly large number of interactive schematics (several hundred) on a mobile device.
Using B4A, B4i and B4J made the development much, much easier.

This forum was invaluable in bringing this product to market.
Most of my questions could be answered silently by simply searching a few key words.
Those few questions I couldn't find via searches were handled by almost instant help from the forum members and product support.

Like most here I work alone which is cool because through this medium I don't feel isolated.
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