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Soft Keyboard Size?
On a 10 inch tablet I use an EditText view and I want it to be as large as possible, so I try to minimize the soft keyboard. But: whatever I do, the soft keyboard uses the full width of the screen and the height is almost 50% of the screen.
In the handbook of Wyken Seagrave (Basic 4 Android) I read (pg 443) that Showkeyboard is related to a view.
What I tried:
* I added a view (a label) called Keys and defined the height as 30%y and the width as 80%x and the top as 70%y and the left as 20%x
* I added IME to the used libraries
* In the Sub Globals I defined: Dim IME1 As IME
* In Activity_Create I stated: IME1.Initialize("") and next: IME1.ShowKeyboard(Keys)
(Besides: left of the label Keys I positioned some buttons to save / load/ cancel. For that reaseon the Keys label had a width of 80%x and a left of 20%x)
But what happened? The soft keyboard did not stay between the borders of the label Keys and the butttons are invisible.
My QUESTION: is it in anyway possible to influence the size of the SoftKeyboard?
And what did Seagrave mean on the relation of the SoftKeyboard to a view?


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I'm not an expert on what's happening behind the curtain, so take my answer with a grain of salt.

My QUESTION: is it in anyway possible to influence the size of the SoftKeyboard?
No. And in addition, to make life even worse: there are many software keyboards and Google doesn't enforce them to enable common functions for things like this. This means that you might very well end up in a situation where you using some trickery can make the keyboard in your phone behave just like you want it to - but when your users try your app it's not guaranteed to behave the same way, because they might use some other software keyboard. (If you look in the forum for my posts, you can find I have researched how to disable suggestions in the keyboard, and in that post I came to this sad conclusion.)

Showkeyboard is related to a view
The keyboard is meant to produce characters (or emoji or whatnot) that show up somewhere. That's the relation, typically to an edittext field.
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