iOS Question [SOLVED] How to get my iOS app on my own iPhone with apple equipment, b4i and xcode combination without paid apple dev program account?


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Hi everyone,

I have a local mac and an iPhone. So far I don't have a paid Apple developer membership. But if I develop an application in Xcode, I can run it directly on my iPhone. Now my question about my B4i project, how can I reproduce the same behaviour as with Xcode to run the app on my iPhone. B4i should do nothing else in the background but create an Xcode project and generate the xCode source, so it should be possible to get and run the application on the iPhone via Xcode. I don't want to do any debugging, just use my own application on my own iPhone. I know that there is a runtime limit of 7 days from Apple. But this is no problem for me.

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[SOLVED] location of the b4i generated xcode Projekte - open it directly in xcode dev application on local mac ?

Step by Step:
open the B4iProject.xcodeproj file located in this folder .../B4iBuildServer/UploadedProjects/<user Id - see IDE's Build Server settings>/B4iProject.xcodeproj with xcode on a local mac. Before you have to compile in B4i your application as release app => B4I->Tools->Build Server->Build Release App.
After you have opened the B4iProject.xcodeproj in Xcode you have to adjusted following entries.
- click on left project structure on the first entry "B4iProject project" then on the middle/right you see the project seetings
- Register "signing & capabilities": flag "automatically manage signing" + select teams: your name.
- Register "build settings": Architectures -> Architectures: change entry armv7 into Standard architecture
- connect your device thru usb cable
- beside the execute button you can now select your device
- click build button
- app will be generated/builded and installed on your device
- before you can start the app you have to accept the certificate on you device under "settings-> general->device management-> accept certificate
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