Android Question [SOLVED]Nested CustomListView with a Sqlite DB


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Hi everyone!
I've been searching for nested clv to display data from a Sqlite Db and just found nested clv examples but with items from a loop. I've found Erel's examples with floating titles and others but without Sqlite db. I have a Sqlite db with countries and their important cities some countries have 4 important cities other has 3 or less..and what I'd like to display is That Countries (without repeating) as Title and their important cities as items.. just I know how to do the sql sentence in my db but I can't implement that results into a Nested Clv. If there someone to help me I'll appreciate it. Thanks.
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Here is a small example as promised.
I am unsure how your DB is structured , but it still should be a guide to get you going.


  • CLV Nested DB
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Hi, please, I followed your example and It work for me but can I twerk it to group similar items with a custom layout?
Something like this but the group them According tho the heading.
The Treasurer position has two candidates, how do I put them under on heading.
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