Android Question (Solved) Problem with altered PickDate.b4xlib (? deprecated SetLayout)

RB Smissaert

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I made some minor alterations to this b4xlib few years ago and been working fine till recently. Then the layout of the calendar reverted back to the old, original b4xlib.
The file hadn't changed and the additional library location hadn't changed either. A change in the XUIViews internal library couldn't be the cause as I had made PickDate.b4xlib
not dependent of that by adding some altered XUIViews classes and use those classes in my code, instead of the XUViews classes.

What turned out to be the problem was this:
One altered class had a deprecated function, SetLayout, and I think because of that B4A looked for an alternative b4xlib file to use, which was available in a sub-folder of the normal
additional libraries folder. Changing the class and using SetLayoutAnimated instead, made it all working fine again.
As it took me an hour to figure this out and solve it, I thought it might be useful to mention this and avoid somebody else wasting the same time.
Attached the altered b4xlib file.



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