Android Question [SOLVED] Problem with PDF


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I am reading some data from my sqlite database and I try to create a pdf file from them.
I use the instructions base on this
The data I store in database are in Greek language.
When the pdf file created without any error I get Words without meaning.
For example I have a description like ΓΑΝΤΙΑ ΕΝΙΣΧΥΜΕΝΑ ΕΓΧΡΩΜΑ Β.Τ. CR
But on pdf file I get like Γ ΝΤΙΑ ΣΧΥΜΕΑ ΕΓΧ ΩΜ Β.Τ. C letters are missing.
Before you ask I try to print one invoice all the data in database are correct cuz I see them in my screen.

Why that happening?


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I find the problem.

Text from other fields over write the previous text printed...
Everything is fine now...

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