iOS Question [SOLVED] Scrollviews do not scroll as expected


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Hi everyone,

I would like to ask a question which seems fundamental but it really bugs me. My iPhone's screen is 4'' and this page has two scrollviews. The left one is filled by a Loadlayout with a layout which its height is bigger than the screen's height and the right one is filled dynamically by code. In the left scrollview even though I set its panel's height to the lower button's bottom part ( + button.height) - which is the half seen button in the video - the scrollview will not scroll to see the entire button. In the right scroll view the scroll view is generated similarly but with code and fills the scrollview with consecutive panels and the height of the scrollview's height is determined by + lastpanel.height. Yet I am not able to scroll to the last panel. If I scroll it up I see it but if I lift off my finger from the screen it keeps scrolling down.

Any suggestions in both case will be highly appreciated.
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