Android Question {SOLVED] Sub signature doesnt match expected signature


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While debugging, I noticed when I changed the contents of a subroutine, and saved. soon as the subroutine tried to execute again, the app crashed and I had to relaunch it. I have noever had this happen before and I am wondering if its a B4A bug?

Logger connected to:  samsung SM-T377V
--------- beginning of main
** Activity (main) Create, isFirst = true **
** Activity (main) Resume **
*** Service (scoreengine) Create ***
** Service (scoreengine) Start **
releasing KeepAlive
No wakelock.
turning screen on
using partialLock
*** Service (commengine) Create ***
** Service (commengine) Start **
*** Service (broadcastengine) Create ***
** Service (broadcastengine) Start **
---- AppUpdating.ReadCurVN
UpdateComplete - time: 13:30:34
---- AppUpdating.ReadWebVN
*** Service (httputils2service) Create ***
** Service (httputils2service) Start **
---- AppUpdating.JobDone --
UpdateComplete - time: 13:30:34
Panel size is unknown. Layout may not be loaded correctly.
Error occurred on line: 0 (Main)
java.lang.Exception: Sub sportzcastterminated signature does not match expected signature.
public static anywheresoftware.b4a.pc.RemoteObject md.smfb1ct1.main_subs_1._sportzcastterminated() throws java.lang.Exception

class java.lang.Boolean,

Any ideas?
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Nevermind, if I could delete this I would.

Dummy me was using Callsub2 and passing an argument to a sub that didnt have one or need one. Thats what I get for blind copy and pasting code.
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