Android Question Solved: ZXingLib by icefairy333 - modified by Johan Schoeman - not working


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I need a scanner library that can read different barcodes as well as QR codes, that's why I picked this one.
The sample project "" works for me.

I integrated the code into my project, and when calling "BeginScan" I get the message in the log: "Got other result code:0". The mask also closes again immediately.

If I use the latest version 1.06 of the library, the message is "Result has arrived" instead, but the mask closes again.

Thanks in advance.
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The sample project "" works for me.
So the problem is in your implementation.
Check the thread again. Check the example carefully if you need to add something special in your app.

Note that the example and library you are refering to are old (7 Years!).
You probably have to adapt them to use TargetSDK 30. Runtimepermissions, Camerapermissions, ect.
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