Sony Pictures and North Korea


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Freedom of thought is well protected in the free world.. in the United States it is protected by the constitution in it's 1st amendment.
Now, as any right is practiced in accordance with the law (you can drive your car but you can't run the red light, can you?).
So freedom of speech is also governed by the law.. not any kind of talk is legal.. a teacher can't utter obscene language in grade school sighting her freedom of speech or freedom of thought.. So in real life, there are so many restrictions on what you say. More than once I see a state leader apologies to another state about a phrase or a word (slipped) from him (without meaning it).. no chance to invoke his right to freedom of speech.
Now we come to the Sonny vs North Korea case.. Sony wanted to air a program that will insult or make fun of a head of state of a foreign country.. without provocation, only sighting their freedom of speech rights. What I think, if an individual expressed his or her opinion to another individual or a group of individuals then that's ok.. but if an organization like Sony Pictures wanted to do the same (with the purpose to earn money from it), then this is not freedom of speech, but business practice and should be treated as such.
In business if you bring a specific individual and make money by using his name or image without his or her consent, then you must pay for that. But want read in the media is that the government is not trying to look back and see what's wrong.. but started accusing NK for not respecting the freedom of speech of the movie company, to insult a head of state of foreign country. I don't think this is the right thing to do.. If you expressing your opinion then you are free.. but if you are making money from what you say, then this should be considered a business and not simply practicing your freedom of thought.