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B4J has a library for audio playback called "AudioClip". With this library I can control whether the sound is playing now.
        If Sound.isPlaying=False Then
        End If
Is there something similar in B4A? I am using the "SoundPool" library. I need to play the sound in a loop, but I do not know when the playback stopped to play the next sound. How can I do this in B4A?


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If you want to play the same sound looped, then you can set this with the play method.

Android Soundpool doesn't have an isPlaying method. If you want to play a different sound when one has finished, there is a way you can get the duration of the file to set a timer or use sleep to wait until the current sound has finished to play the next sound. You will need to use JavaObject with the MediaMetadataRetriever class. See:
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