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Hello all!
I would like to share the following source code with everyone (without image files).
A lot of time spent, so it's probably worth someone to use it for your projects. :)

The following code to use allows you to build a file explorer.
An example is attached.

What distinguishes this from other explorers is that the upper beam (← back)
it is not controlled as the other elements of the list (it always remains in place),
always available and in view.

The example uses the following libraries:
Core (version: 4.92)
RandomAccessFile (version: 2.30)
Reflection (version 2.40)

and class module: ClsSlidingSidebar (Excelent job! Author: Informatix)

Best regards.
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Some notes:
- The TargetSDK is set to 14. It will not work in a app on googleplay. targetsdk must be 28 these days.
- It will not work with targetsdk 26 or higher.
- It will not work with external SDCards due to targetsdk requirements.

Edit to add: If you use File->"Export as zip" then you do not need Dropbox to share the file.
It is small enough to upload.
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