Android Question Sql, timer and notifications


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Hello everyone,

My app is an ordering app, so the buyer contacts the seller and once the seller send the buyer a message and he is not online the app should send a notification.
The problem :
The notifications Not always are being sent and the services some times it works and sometimes it just stops working.

And am pretty sure a timer connecting to the database every 5 minutes is really wrong.

Am using mysql online server and i connect to it using php.

So what should i do?

Is there any mysql database listener? Once the db has changes it will show in the app?


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Instead of PHP, use jrdc2, it is much more efficient than php. See this service: GPS tracking in the background..
The problem with jrdc2 is the server has to be located locally and within reach to do the setup, my server is in godaddy which means i can't set up jrdc2 because jrdc2 has a middle software which i can't install unless i purchase a virtual server.

So what should i do now? Any other solutions?

Thanks in advance :)