B4A Library Steganography


Hide arbitary data into an image

Author: jamie8763
Version: 1

    • Fields:
      • HEADER_SIZE As int
      • createHeader (size As long) As byte[]
      • encode (inBitmap As android.graphics.Bitmap, bytes As byte[]) As android.graphics.Bitmap
      • bytesToLong (bytes As byte[]) As long
      • printBinaryString (bytes As byte[]) As java.lang.String
      • decode (inBitmap As android.graphics.Bitmap) As byte[]

    • Methods:
      • createTestBitmap (w As int, h As int) As android.graphics.Bitmap
        Create a bitmap of specific size with a random color
        w: - width
        h: - height
        Return type: @return:- bitmap of random(ish) color

    • Methods:
      • intoFile (path As java.lang.String) As java.io.File
      • intoByteArray As byte[]
      • intoString As java.lang.String

    • Methods:
      • intoFile (path As java.lang.String) As java.io.File
      • intoBitmap As android.graphics.Bitmap

    • Methods:
      • encode (file As java.io.File) As com.stealthcopter.steganography.EncodedObject
      • withPassword (key As java.lang.String) As com.stealthcopter.steganography.Steg

        key: - Additional password to encrypt the data with (or decrypt)
      • withInput (filePath As java.lang.String) As com.stealthcopter.steganography.Steg
      • decode As com.stealthcopter.steganography.DecodedObject
      • withRandomInput As com.stealthcopter.steganography.Steg

    • Methods:
      • runTests As void

    • Methods:
      • decompress (compressed As byte[]) As java.lang.String
      • compress (string As java.lang.String) As byte[]
    • B4ASteg
      • encode (bitmaps As android.graphics.Bitmap, hiddenMessage As java.lang.String) As android.graphics.Bitmap
      • decode (bitmaps As android.graphics.Bitmap) As android.graphics.Bitmap
      • unittestb4a As void


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support-annotation jar is not needed.
You should instead add a reference to com.android.support:support-v4
Add this to the b4a project
#AdditionalJar: com.android.support:support-v4