Strange behaviour between countries with Google Assistant


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I've no idea where I should post this so please move if required.

Hi all! Has anybody experienced differences in functionality with Google Assistant between countries? (Sorry in advance for the long post!)

The story goes...

I'm in the UK and have a friend over in Belgium. He's refitted an old label printer with a Pi0W that he can send commands to from a web browser.

He Can print up to 30 characters with or without a date. So far so good.

Next he wanted to have an app on his phone to automate the process so he could use voice. I pointed him towards B4A of course and wrote him a little program that listens for a phrase to be spoken and sends that to the printer. This also works perfectly. If he says 'With Date' as part of his instruction it prints the date too. Exactly what he needed.

Now here's the strange thing - I randomly called the app Sausages (mainly because when I said Hey Google, start Print it was insisting on firing up Pinterest)

I shared the code with him and he's really enjoying his first steps in B4A

So when he installs the app to his phone (he's tried on several different devices with them set to GB and NL) it simply will not start when he says the Hey Google.... command yet it works perfectly here in the UK on several devices I've tried it on.

His English is superb as is his accent so I cannot see that being an issue. As a new B4A user he thought it may have been down to how he had his system set up so I sent him an apk that I'd generated. Same result. I told him it wouldn't be a B4A issue and to prove it I did him a quick apk in Kotlin (Cabbages this time). Exactly the same - Google Assistant simply won't start his app - it does work for other software though like Gmail or Maps etc.

Are we somehow managing to be using different versions of GA? Is it a country specific thing? I know it's not a B4X issue (which produced a vastly smaller apk than Kotlin which my friend was very impressed by) but just on the off chance can anyone here shed any light?

If you got this far, Wow! Thank you for reading.