B4J Question Stream m3u8 IPTV with AB Material?

Greg McBrucer

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Hi all, does anyone have any idea how to stream m3u8 IPTV with AB Material? For example, if a user were to click a button to watch a stream, how could this be done?

I can display the following with B4J (via VLC using jShell):


This works without issue.

How can I do this with AB Material? I have experimented with AB Material control ABMVideo without success. Any ideas?


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Greg McBrucer

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I'm afraid that you will have to find another component for the page and make it ABMCustomComponent and put it on the AB page

Here is an example solution in JS. You need to add this script to your project. Put a link to it in the custom component. Then you're ready to put it on the page to play
Thank you for your reply and my apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I'll cut to the chase - I'm more than happy to donate in return for a working code example. I've tried many different 'attempts' and nothing seems to work. Searching the forum is confusing me more and please don't get me started about chatGPT as it has NO IDEA what ABMaterial library of B4J is (it says it does, but it does not). Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.
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