Android Code Snippet Subs to Move or Swap List Items

Discussion in 'Code Snippets' started by Widget, Feb 16, 2017.

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    I use Lists a lot and discovered there were no built-in methods to Move an item from one index location to another index location, and there is no method to Swap two items.

    ListMoveItem(List, FromIndex, ToIndex)
    Purpose: Move an existing item to a different location in a List.

    ListMoveItem(List1, 4, 1) 'Move item at index 4 to index 1
    'Note: The item that was at index 1 will be at index 2 after the move completes.​

    ListSwapItems(List, Index1, Index2)
    Purpose: Swap the item at Index1 with the item at Index2 in List.

    ListSwapItems(List, 4, 1) 'Swap the item at index 4 with the item at index 1
    A sample program is included.

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  2. ddk1

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    Thanks Widget, I was just doing some list moves yet again and thought I should write a reusable proc, and voila, you have already done and shared. Works perfectly, thanks.
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