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I am using this lib to integrate Sumup

I have some problems with the implementation...
When i execute your library, sumup app start, opening the correct import and the description but this toastmessage appear: "Activity not found for action: com.Name.formC1.main".

I generate the affkey with "com.Name.formC1" and then want to use the main activity for the response.
"com.Name.formC1" is a fake name that I use here but it's formatted like the original.

Could you or someone else help me, please?

Hi guys,

thanks for all information and help in this forum.

Special thank to Erel for his fantastic work.

So here it is my part for the b4a-community.

This is an example to pay with the api from SumUp.

Please let me know, if it works fine for you

Best regards from Germany


PS: It it very importent to work exatly with the Package-Name, PaymentResult-Activity and the
entry in the Manifest-Editor!