B4J Question Suppress warnings [solved]


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As a debug tool, I save custom types to a list which under certain conditions I want to log.
I have found it expedient (if not necessarily proper) to simply Get() the custom type from the list to a string in my error handling code and Log() the string.
It works fine but of course, I get a number of warning messages of the type "Object converted to string, this is probably a programming mistake" that are cluttering the Logs window.

Is there a way to turn off these messages under certain conditions or within a block of code (like the #pragma statements in C)?

PS: I realize it would be better to actually handle the custom type properly but I use the same routine with several different types and I do not want my debug code to become too complex.


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#IgnoreWarnings: 10, 12 '<---  replace warningsno to ignore
to your project attributes
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