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How serously do you, and anyone else who may care to comment, need this?

There are two reasons for asking this.

1) I've got a library displaying an SVG in an ImageView but as what is being displayed is a an Android Picture, and not a Bitmap, Gravity doesn't work and so the Picture seems to be always displayed actual size. There are ways round this by drawing the picture on a Canvas but I can forsee there being a few iterations (i.e. further work for me) of any library to get the drawing capabilities refined.

2) svg-android seems a bit sensitive to the svg file format. I have several svg pictures that although they display in a browser throw NUllPointerExceptions when loaded in the library. I suspect this may be because the library is stated to support "a subset of the SVG Basic 1.1 specification". To use this library you will probably need to understand SVG as I suspect some experimentation of what it will accept may be needed.


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No panic at all


TNX for you reply, interesting indeed.
What I need now I will solve with a png file instead, so it is not a hurry at all.
In fact, I hadn't looked at a svg at all before yesterday when I got a pic in this format. But when I read about this format I got really impressed with what it could preform (even animations) and I'm sure I will explore its possibilitys in the future. So, the reason for my thread was to explore the pros thoughts on this, and I can see much is possible in the future.

Will be interesting to see if there will be more answers to this thread.

TNX again.


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Event handling in SVG

Event attributes such as ‘onclick’ or ‘onload’ can be assigned to individual shapes in SVG. Is it possible to do it in this library ?