Android Question Switch audio track left or right on video


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hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone know of an Android App that allow me to turn on/off Left or Right Channel when playing a video file (aka Karaoke files with Music (right) channel and Vocal (left). I mostly view videos from youtube, Thai Karaoke.
I found a couple of apps that will let me do that Mobo Player/Mxplayer but here is the problem. When I turn off (left) vocal channel, It turn off my left speaker and the volume down to about 30-40%. Same thing happen when I turn off (right) channel. The right speaker get turn off. (technically it suppose to do that i guess). I want to turn off one of the channels (vocal) and still have the Music ONLY come out on BOTH speakers. Like reroute the 1 channel sound and send it out to both speakers. I been using an app on the Ipad and it let me output to BOTH speakers but not with Moboplayer or Mxplayer so I'm currently looking for another player. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Hope it make sense.