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    I've touched on this before, but I can now (with agraham's help) share one method for saving an encrypted version of a table, & then decrypting it, all without exposing the unencrypted table as a file.

    The password is hardly secured, but could be suitably obfuscated in a real application.

    You'll need
    the CryptoEx.dll -> crypto object & MD5 object
    the Binaryfile.dll -> bf object
    the bitwise.dll -> bit object

    One refinement I've not added would be to use the 2nd row of data to hold the column widths (would require reading & parsing the 2 lines to use in table1.addrow() & setting a new offset for the actual data in the decrypt sub).
    I've kept the file in 6.30 format, which should be OK for everyone who can't wait until the email comes through.

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