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  1. slowtime

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    Can someone help me ?

    Problem 1: When I tap on the first line of a table, text inside became selected and is impossible call the sub table_selction_changed.

    Problem 2: How can I deselect the text inside a cell after return from sub table_select_change ?

    Thank you

    ps: Sorry for my English.
  2. BjornF

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    possible solution

    One, not very elegant, solution to both of your questions is to set focus to a cell with a width of 0 (on row 0). Either one which you already have in your table, or alternatively create a "dummy" column.

    All the best / Björn
  3. slowtime

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    Thank you, Bjorn
    but I can not understand how to give focus to a dummy cell.
    Can you explain you Idea, please.

    All the best
  4. RandomCoder

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  5. slowtime

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    Thank you,

    With Bjorn and RandomCoder 's help now I can use table without limit.

    Thank you again.