Android Question Tablet with best bluetooth performance/range?


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My B4A Apps use the Bluetooth SPP setup for communication, and of course its mission-critical. our entire product line relies on it.

The Galaxy Tab 4 worked awesome with our product line, good range, good stability, and overall good performance.

Now, Since the Tab 4 is discontinued and replaced by the Tab A 7.0 2016, a direct replacement to the Tab 4.

I gave that a try, and was very disappointed and left with a crisis situation now. The bluetooth range was half that of the Tab 4, and the stability and performance was awful. After one connection, it would fail to discover the "service" until I turned the bluetooth off and back on.

I can lay the device on the table and it wont pick up and discover any more bluetooth devices. So sadly that means that Samsung is no longer a viable option for us.

My question to you all is, Which tablets have the longest range with the best bluetooth performance/stability?

I could get over 300 feet on the Tab4 bluetooth with SPP on even a bad day. The Tab A, well I can barely get 50 feet using the same hardware setup. And if you hold the tablet in landscape with a hand on each side, it pulls an "apple scenario of yesteryear" and goes completely deaf to RF. Grrr.....