Taking snapshot and printing it with bluetooth printer


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I have one job to do. I am ready to pay for it. I have my sample b4a project.

---Imp : When I tried to upload the project, It is saying my file is too large. (It is 822 kb). So anyone interested, please provide me email so that I can mail the project and concerned files.

---I want you to add your code in the same project so that it will give following results with the project. In this project, There are two buttons ...

1) First button - i.e. ‘Take full snapshot & print’

- With this button, I expect to take full screen shot of the activity and print it with blue tooth esc/pos printer.

2) Second button – i.e. ‘Take snapshot of the objects above the red line & print’

- With this button I want you to take snapshot of only above part of red line i.e the objects(contents) above the red line & then print it to blue tooth esc/pos printer.

Conditions : I will not provide you skd of the printer. It is not required at all as there are already solutions of this type in market and they are printing using their app with my printer without sdk of my printer.
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NO need to write everything BOLD