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    Hello, this is my first app done with B4A.

    I created it as little tester for my job and then loaded it in play store (free tool).

    With this App you can connect to Wi-Fi (Wireless Connection) with a device server.
    Exploiting the TCP / IP suite, through port 502, is open a socket with the device.
    It is possible to perform reading and / or writing a value in a register inside the map device data [data zone 4x Holding Register].
    In this version have been implemented some basic checks on the parameters necessary to the opening of the socket and the address of the register to be read and possible value to be written.
    In particular, the reading result is displayed in three standard sizes: hexadecimal, binary and decimal signed and unsigned.
    Function-Code implemented:
    FC16d / 10h = Write Multiple Holding Registers - request limited to one register
    FC03d / 03h = Read Holding Registers - request limited to one register
    For each request comes a feed-back of state

    P.S. i'm not a professional coder and I started in september 2014 with B4A.


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