Teaching b4a as a bussiness


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Anyone has experience teaching b4a to newby ? Would be interested to know how much to charge per hour of training ?
Do you have a website for your customers ? I would like to test this new kind of bussiness and teach other to build android apps ! What do you think could this have success ?
Can you share your experience when teaching others the b4a language ?

I want to help other start doing their own apps with b4a and share my knowledge with them !


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I think you need to send Erel a PM directly on this topic. For starters he has created a wealth of videos which are free for anyone who wants to learn B4X. There are also people like Klaus who have written exceptional ebooks on B4X coding which are also free in the forum.

The likelihood is that anyone who wants to teach B4X will use these free resources however their usage terms in terms of teaching other people as a business is something that can be clarified directly by the authors. Questions like is it allowed? If allowed do they get royalties etc, I cant be really sure but I guess because there is an affiliate program that he is running here for b4x, an arrangement of some sort might be needed.

Who gives out the certificates to learners? who accredits those certificates and so forth and things like that? I just commented on a post about certificated on B4X. One programming framework is being taught at schools for example, that would even be nice for B4X, that's NSBasic



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I know information is there.. but still people would pay for:
  • hand-on teaching or
  • support like 24/7 or
  • teaching in your languaje to local people
  • when they buy b4x licence you could get a % from Erel :) ?

A friend of mine is a "traductor" then some people say.. ahh but an App can do that!! :) yes, could but not always.

What I mean, your business model is the key!!
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One programming framework is being taught at schools for example, that would even be nice for B4X, that's NSBasic

In 2012 when I was looking for something to program for Android my eye fell on this NSBasic & B4A.
While the NSBasic looked nice and familiar to VB6 it produced non native apps and their forum was dead meat.
Via our B4A chat people like HotShoe & NJDude convinced me to go for B4A instead and I can't say I regret that decision :)