test your android app


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Why is this thread opened ?

1. I need money .
2 You need a testing plan .

Start a conversation now and negociate your testing plan with me ! Money is payed thourgh pay-pal.

Why me ?

Because I am the last tester on the plannet !
I can drive , sing , dance and play with your app for hours .

I have several devices android 2.3.6, android 4.0 ,android 4.1 , android 4.2 , android 4.4
tablets and phones.

PS .. one of my questions over a testing website is : ...Are you a b4a ?
Aswer is : Don't know what b4a is .
You may feel confortable to pay someone to test your apps . I did asked my wife for months with no resut and my apps lost an important tester.


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We (the chat users) don't have a real testing plan either but we ask te regulars on the chat to test it.

If you test someone's app they will test yours aswell, it's just a matter of give and take.