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I'm not much of a touch-typist (not hunt-and-peck either!), so sometimes type some text with Caps Lock acccidentally on. This is mostly on PC, though if I put my miniature USB keyboard on my PPC I can do it there too.

On PC I have been used to using Microsoft Word to swap text case, pasting backwards and forwards as needed. But Word is rather heavy for that purpose. And Word Mobile is no help at all.

So I recently realised that I can easily write a PC/PPC program to do what I want. Here it is (source and compiled both ways) for anyone to play with.

The three left buttons act on the whole text to paste in from or out to clipboard, or to clear the text.

The five case-altering buttons work like in Word, except that I don't know exactly how Word defines the "words" that are given an initial capital letter in "Title Case". I only look for space-separated words. Similarly a "Sentence" is assumed to be the whole content of the text, disregarding any punctuation or line breaks.

The alterations may be applied either to the whole text (default) or, by highlighting, to just the highlighted portion. This can be useful for ensuring that abbreviations are in upper case, for example, or names are capitalised.

Note that the program does not terminate on clicking the "X" in the corner; only via the "Exit" button.



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Discovered a bug, already. After typing into text box (not what I had intended as usage) the "selection point" is the caret position, but there is no selection. I hadn't allowed for that, so result is wrong. Now corrected in post #1.