TextAlignement using FormLib with v6.80

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by stevefan, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. stevefan

    stevefan Member Licensed User

    I have a program working fine with v6.05, and a WM5 QVGA ipaq.

    But then I wanted to support VGA with minimal effort so today I purchased a new device, and upgraded to v6.80.

    When I run the attached, compiled, on the device (Glofiish X800, WM6, VGA), I get the message "Only labels and textboxes support text alignement"

    Looking at the Beta posts, I suspected a problem with an old version of Formlib.dll. So I removed all version of B4PPC from desktop, reinstalled v6.80 and ensured the formlib.dll is up to date (Windows Properties shows 1.0.3401.28016).

    Or do I need to install a newer .NET on the device (I dont know how to tell which version it has)

  2. stevefan

    stevefan Member Licensed User


    Don't know what I did but its working now.
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