B4J Code Snippet TextArea - Moving Focus after pressing TAB

Here is a fairly simple solution to solving the TAB issue in TextArea. Currently, instead of moving to the next node, tabbing stays within the TextArea. To fix this, I used a combination of the jgameviewhelper library to capture the TAB keypress and additional code to get the current focus (post entitled- "Get last object focused" by stevel05 & Daestrum). Note that you must use the tag feature in order for you to identify the TextArea.

Sub Process_Globals
Private GameViewHelper As GameViewHelper
End sub

Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String
   GameViewHelper.AddKeyListener("GVH", MainForm)
End Sub

Sub GVH_KeyPressed (KeyCode As String) As Boolean
    Dim FormJO As JavaObject = MainForm
    Dim Scene As JavaObject = FormJO.GetField("scene")
    Dim selectedNode As Node
        selectedNode = Scene.RunMethod("getFocusOwner",Null)
        Log(selectedNode.Tag) ' all node methods available
        Log("no node has focus")
    End Try

    If KeyCode = "Tab" And selectedNode.Tag = "TextAreaSendText" Then
        ButtonSendText.RequestFocus  'insert here where you want the focus to go
        Return True  'consume the keypress
    End If
    Return False  'do not consume the keypress
End Sub


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Another way may be using an event filter

Dim r As Reflector
r.Target = ta
r.AddEventFilter("KeyPressed", "javafx.scene.input.KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED")

Sub KeyPressed_Filter (EventData As Event)
    Dim e As JavaObject = EventData
    Dim code As String = e.RunMethod("getCode", Null)
    If code = "TAB" Then
        'switch focus
    End If
End Sub