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    TextClock was added in API 17 (Android 4.2 Jelly Bean MR1) and substitutes the deprecated DigitalClock.

    Please find attached a project that shows how to use the included Android Developers | TextClock object both as a Designer's Custom View and as a stand-alone class through its manual installation.
    Having no previous experience with the Reflection lib, the above was made possible by what I believe to be one of the best tutorials read so far in this NG: @stevel05 's RatingBar library.

    Looking at the code of this class you will easily agree that it is a very preliminary step and it should evolve in a more mature object once a clearer growing path would become evident from its use.


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  2. stevel05

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    Nice, Thanks for sharing.
  3. udg

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    @stevel05 : I simply learned from you, magister (lat. for master).
    @Erel : I always appreciate your attention and all the time you devote to support us

    Frankly, this is not an object we will use so frequently, but if anyone comes with a good idea on how to improve it I'll be glad to spend some more time on it.

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