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You have developed an app and it has still not reached to the TOP CHARTS, you do not have the strength to continue to improve it and you are allready developing your next app?
Now it's your chance to offer your project at auction and earn some money, ..

Or maybe you have an applications that earn few dollars every month and has a lot of downloads, it's time to close a good deal (not like WAZE, but perhaps close...)

How to offer an App:

1) If you have a link, post it
2) explain a little about the app (techn. details like: libraries, function, ...)
3) how long is your app in the market, how many installs? active users? money you made until now?
4) set the starting price and the "buy now" price

Good Luck !! :)


*********************** LIST OF APPS FOR SALE *****************************

Seller: holdemadvatge - App: Zoo Memory Animali - Post: link - minimum bid: 500$ - status: for sale

Seller: hooksy - App: Swipe command - Post: link - minimum bid: 300$ - status: sold

Seller: treehousefrog - App: Multiscreen Multitasking THD - Post: link minimum bid: ? - status: for sale

Seller: tufanv - App: Speedometer - Post: link - minimum bid: 2500$ - status: not for sale

Seller: ilan - App: Space Jumpers - LibGDX - Post: link - price: 39,- Euro - status: for sale

Seller: IanMc - Offer: App Logo - Post: link - price: ? - status: waiting for orders

Seller: MaxApps - Offer: 4 Apps for sale - Post: link - price: ? - status: for sale

Seller: ilan - App: Mr. Bucket - LibGDX - Post: link - price: 65,- Euro - status: for sale

Seller: strat - App: Word Game - Post:
link - price: 40$ - status: for sale

Douglas Farias - App: Scratch It Game - Post: link - price: 40$ - status: for sale
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thanx for info, but the reason is that you try to download my app on saturday and i unpublish all my apps friday night until saturday night
now i published it back you can download it :)
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How about an app that got over 1 million downloads?
u dont need an app that has 1 mil downloads, its importent how much entries an app has every day

for example one of my app: My Salary in hebrew has about 22k admob request per day, with only 7.5k active users, so if i would have about 50k active users in this app that would be more then 100k admob request from one app and thats a lot !!

its importent to build an app that is in daily use not like clamsy bird, it has more then 10 mil downloads but i am sure that it has not more then 500k active users, and those users are not playing much this game.

i have uninstall this game after 2 minutes...

in this thread u can also offer libraries for sale not only apps...


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Minimum bid : 300$
Solded out

I realy take my chance for this app .. It is fresh and brand new . I may be great succes and I will regret it for selling it or it might be average interest . It up to you if you think you can make this app 5 star .
Ilan if you are interested in this app please contact me in private.

I will give you full b4a project and I will retry my app from the market .+ svg format of all bitmaps.
I realy think this app has great potential ...the idea is great. It realy has some nice features that can be added to but I realy do not have time to develop.

Improvemts : I realy belive in this app and I can not share my thoughts as you might think ..why I am not doing it myself . Answer is simple I need money and do not have time.

Bugs: Not that I know off
Isssue: User must stop on green buttons not further .
Issue: Toast message is show when stopping on green button even if no command selected.

App profile : not suitted for ads , but for payed app and trial free version
For the moment I can not publish this app on payed version and it brings me no revenue.
Thanks a lot : hope someone find this app a great chance to go to top market .
Solded out
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Hey guys,

I'd be *very* reluctant to sell this app, but I would be interested to hear bids as I think it needs some marketing oomph behind it and as I need a quick cash injection (paying for a wedding!).

It gets a few downloads a day at £2.20 each (around $4.90). In its prime it was getting many more and has had 7,691 downloads in its lifetime. There is also a phone version and a few other iterations.

Get in touch if you're interested. With the right marketing/monetisation it could make a lot of money still I believe :)


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Interesting concept, fascinating in fact and I think that if we work together we can help each other to make money.

I would not want to let go of my app.

I have not tried placing ads in my app, I only know that I find them annoying.

Google 'subscriptions' in-app payments are rather interesting, for example:

Say you make an app and you give it for free, you'll get lots of downloads right?

Then in the app you have the option for the user to pay just 1 dollar and then they will get the full functions such as updates, extra levels, pro features etc.

They only have to pay one dollar and that will last for one month.

It's quite enticing, just one dollar to see what the app can really do.

They will do that won't they? I might.

I'm not saying I would. It'd take a lot for me to part with a dollar :D

but I might.

You have ten thousand downloads and 1000 of them pay 1 dollar just to see what your app can do.

1000 dollars, potentially per month?

Just thinking ....

oh yeah!!!!

We all have to help each other here.

I can do logos, anyone want a logo?
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i dont think that your concept will work

the reason is that the most apps cost 1$ (FULL functional) so why should i pay 1$ to see what this app can do
and to introduce your app you release a Lite version with all function only with ADS so the free version does it allready

there is no need to pay 1$ for one month to see what the free version shows you for free (only with ads)

the problem with all those markets are that everybody can develope today and realease free versions and if they are paid then
it cost about 1$, now everybody are used to pay about 1$ if you try to sell an app for 5$ you will get bad rating about how expansive
your app is, a hotdog cost more then 5$ how much does it takes to make a hotdog?? 5 minutes?? we sit 100's of hours for one app

i have an app that i sell for 10 shekel its about 2.5 $ and people send me mails its to much make it cheaper bla bla...

NO RESPECT for developers today this is the problem, i make much more moeny with the ads then sell the app, here he pay one time 1$
but if i give him for free i get from it much more !! this is the problem, so i dont think that someone pay 1$ for limited time to check how an app works
this will work maybe in ITUNES not GOOGLE PLAY...


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I see in the market trial versions of the app that will force users eventually to buy pro version ... anywhere on this globe when you want to buy something you must taste it before and it is in your interest to let user taste your product .
You must play with the market and do what the others dictates .. If there are 1000 free versions of an app then you should do the same .
It is your choice how tough you should be in displaying ads and interrupt user from his activity in other to buy free version . If you can do more money from ads then why not accept the situation . you may say oh.. not people are not buying my app. ...Problem is much more complex than that .
Guys the problem is that you must do something real good and dependent ... that users would enjoy using it .


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2100 downloadas in 16 months from 1.49 dollars. ( changed the price to 1.99 now)
free version: Generated some profit with ads

Minimum bid: $ 2500 ( not available from now on for single platform sale )

I have also released the ios app it sells 2/day at average at 1.99$.
It has also free verison with ads making about 50-60 $ / month

minimum bid for all ( 2 platforms ios + android and free versions ) : 5500$
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Hello, you may be right. It has also good reviews and the important thing is sales. Considering the previous 16 months sales, it will make a profit of about $2500 in 18 months. 18 months is a normal time to get invesment's capital. Thank you for the comment :)

A little too expensive for the app conditions, it has lots of bad reviews and is on a saturated marked with WAY better apps. Like:


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Very cool concept. This game seems to have a lot of potential. Why you selling it and for so little?