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    I don't have a thermal printer , I am just wrapping blindly :D
    refer to this link to know more about how to use this library


    Author: SMM
    Version: 0.01
    • BluetoothProvider
      • Events:
        • _onbegin
        • _onerror (errorMessage As String)
        • _onerrorimportant (errorMessage As String)
        • _onsuccessful
      • Fields:
        • DEFAULT_SETTINGS As Byte()
        • FEED_LINE As Byte()
        • FEED_LINE_2 As Byte()
      • Functions:
        • connect
        • Initialize (EventName As String)
        • IsInitialized As Boolean
        • prepareTestData As String
        • printByteArray (data As Byte())
        • printImageText (base64image As String)
        • printText (text As String)
        • showPrinterListActivity (arg As Boolean)
      • Properties:
        • DeviceAddress As String [write only]

    add these lines to your manifest file

    AddApplicationText(<activity android:name="com.atalay.bluetoothhelper.View.PrinterList.PrinterListActivity"/>)
    activity android:name="com.karumi.dexter.DexterActivity"/>)

    sorry no screenshots
    If you enjoyed this wrap , please consider a donation :)

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