Share My Creation Tic Tac Holdem - Status: approved

hi guys, my latest b4i game has been approved...

it was very weird my app was 7 days "in review" ! o_O
i guess the dev team liked it and play a little bit ("7 days") with it until they approved it :D or just "APPLE", i dont know..

never mind, this game is as you can allready guess from his title a combination of Tic Tac Toe and Texas Holdem...

So you got Chips, dealer, drinks, bets,.. (a real texas holdem filling only tic tac toe...)

you can play 1 vs dealer, 1 vs 1 on 1 device or on 2 devices over WIFI connection...

you can select different players, name them and you can also play in 2 different board style

3x3 and 4x3

Have fun and dont forgett to rate..


img1.png img2.png img3.png img4.png img5.png

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I think the defenition of the bigger grid is wrong. it's 4x3 and not 3x4 ;)