Wish To improve the B4X forum


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I would like to comment on some things to improve in the B4X forum.

In order to make your query faster and more effective, if possible, I would appreciate it if:

- the links that still point to basic4android.com were updated (Replace http://www.basic4ppc.com/android/forum/threads/ with https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/ in some posts )
- mark the examples, libraries or classes that still work today with all the changes in Android (permissions, AndroidX, Jetify, APIS...) or mark those that are discontinued or that no longer work, either due to part of its own authors when communicated to it, by your technical team, or that any user communicated it in a section
- group by marking with a representative label the classes, libraries or codes that do the same
- basic modules were published and grouped or tagged for certain common or elementary tasks that the community can improve, such as:

  • alternatives to old DesignSupport elements
  • select multiple images at once from the gallery
  • display images with ScalimageView or alternatives alongside other display elements
  • the best TabStrip
  • best SlidingPanels
  • the best Grid
  • the best Dialogs
  • functions such as user login and registration, navigation within the app, search, communication, data storage and retrieval, customization of the app, use of the device's camera or microphone, integration with payment services or free...

Or you could create:

- a section of the forum for people to publish and share their code in development, or share their apk, so that others could test that it also works on their device and communicate it to the author to help them
- a section changes in Android and how they affect us. The new Android requirements or permissions and their explanation. How to fix DirRootExternal storage access for example

I would also appreciate it if people were told that when sharing their examples:

- put more green text (comments) in your examples for better understanding...
- They will attach images or short videos to each post to give us an idea of what a code does before downloading it. How to do it in the Play Store
- will not leave the B4A Example title or the b4a.example package name as default so that I can test several examples and thus not overwrite them. But with names that are unique enough
- indicate more which library or class you use for your objects

Thank you.


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The forum is not a database with strict structure of each post, IDE or topic. And users are not the strict API clients. Just typing on various languages humans...
IMHO, only old links replacement among your text is real šŸ¤“.


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I think you can create new post in forum discussion for any issue or suggestion on this forum.

Regarding the outdated links, you can create a new thread and notify Erel.
Last few days there is a problem with the JSON online tool and Erel has fixed it in a few hours.


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Yes. Excuse my ignorance.

Yes. The forum has certain limitations.
I just saw that you can take advantage of tags when creating posts.
In any case, I suppose that certain things I said can be reported in some way.

I didn't know that section of the forum, Forum Discussion, where this topic correctly goes.

Thanks to both of you.