To run propoer PPC help file

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To run proper PPC help...

Sub Button1_Click
If FileExist("\windows\help\YourApp.lnk") = true and FileExist("\windows\YourApphlp.htm") = true then
Shell("\Windows\peghelp.exe", "file:YourApphlp.htm#Main_Contents", "", "", "", 0, "", "", "","")
msgbox("Can't find help file", "YourApp", cMsgBoxOK, cMsgBoxExclamation)
end if
End Sub

The link file needs to go in \Windows\help. It contains just one line:

The 23 refers to the number of characters in "\Windows\YourApphlp.htm"

With the link above specifying the folder, the help file goes in \Windows. Its html is different to PC help files.

There's good guide at: