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Hi all,

I wrote a little app to assist in searching these icons and copying 'Chr(...)' to the Clipboard. I imported the Material icons list from here and the FontAwesome one from here (thank you, @icefairy333 :)). Hope this will be useful for others too.

EDIT 2022-05-04:
This is no longer really relevant as the IDEs contain icon pickers now. However, this bit might be useful: the program can now save the icons to png or jpg files. Sizes and colours can be selected. I added this to be able to quickly generate an icon (for the taskbar or system tray) for a program from these font sets.

- Replaced StatusBar (from JcontrolsFX library) with LabelStatus
- Added RedirectOutput (for stdout and stderr)
- Added 41 missing FontAwesome icons
- Added CheckBox 'Also save as png or jpg'

Here are some screenshots:





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