Android Question Total Newb: Where is "MyFirstProgram"?

Just reading through the user PDF Guide, and hit a stumbling block. It says find a program in "SourceCode\MyFirstProgram\ MyFirstProgram.b4a"

I've searched my "C:\" drive, and no such file has been installed. (All I fould was JSON files) Looked on site, but nowhere can I find a program listed, or an area to download code sammples. Can anyone advise where to find it?

I like the concept ... and on the surface seems far easier than the bloated Android Studio, (which ended up telling me the emulator was offline, and wouldn't run program!!)

I'm also fairly new to VBScript, but managed to write a program for that involves using Zbar and Exiftools. It's only around 200 lines. Basically, asks for four inputs from user, stores data in text file, and then reads through a folder of images to recognise any containing QR codes. It then cuts the query string off the end of decoded QR code, and embeds it into photo together with the data stored in text file.

But now I want to take it one stage further with an app ... although appreciate this suite uses VBasic rather than VBScript. It will ask for the four inputs, and store it. Next, it will "fork" to two processes. One will run continuously to monitor a folder. (Will return to that) The other will ideally "keep open" a camera as a barcode scanner (Could be button initiated at a pinch). When a card is within range, it will decode the string, and store the query string (in a txt file?) When Eye-Fi drops a photo into monitored folder, script will read the query string stored, and the four inputs entered earlier, and embed them into the photo. The photo is then moved out of 'hot' folder to a storage area. When a new photo arrives, it is assisgned the 'old' QR code again, and so it continues until a new QR is scanned/stored.

Appreciate I would probably have to switch to ZXing rather than Zbar, (VBScript runs them via a Windows shell / command prompt), and all the rest is done via a series of "Do While" loops and calls to sub routines. In short, do you reckon this would be possible with VBa ... or is it beyond its realm and I'd be wasting my time and should go nback to Studio?

** This only started as wanting to know the where abouts of the sample program!!
Thanks for the prompt replies guys. The search with the wildcard didn't find anything ... but I haven't checked keirS solution yet. As it happens, no probs as I think it's better to type it in bit by bit. (I should have read further to see that it was all explained line by line anyway ... and I'm eager to get on and learn a few more bit more this afternoon)

From what I've seen thus far, (up to page 40) it's a great program and is FAR, far easier than Google's offering.

Also, I would like to praise who ever wrote the guide. Without sounding sarcastic, I think he has done a great teaching job of setting up one item, and then elaborating on that to introduce a new topic. Far better than another product I used where instructions ran to 299 pages, and a further 150 for the macro side of things, and you had to pick up a snippet here, and a line of code there, then learn how to put it together yourself. And when you raised a question on the forum - run by one guy - the answer was "Read the manual(s), the answer's covered in there"

Again, thanks for the replies.
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Who's A Silly Boy Then ...?

Wasn't till I went to read the rest of the guide, I couldn't find it. Turns out I was so eager, I clicked download link, and then opened PDF via browser rather than saving zip file!!

Lesson learned!
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