Android Question TOTP 2FA library


Hi everybody,

I work on an application that could generate 2FA temporary code from TOTP key.
I have a severe issue to generate the 2FA code !

I tryed :
- this link : application crash with error (com.warrenstrange.googleauth.GoogleAuthenticatorException: Could not initialise SecureRandom with the specified provider: Crypto. Another provider can be chosen setting the com.warrenstrange.googleauth.rng.algorithmProvider system property.)

I suppose the "most easy" will be to integrate jotp ( but i don't understand how to create the wrapper for that

Maybe someone could help me to move forward on my project !?

Have a nice day !


Searching the forum for 'SecureRandom' seems to point to the Encryption library (not: 'B4XEncryption') missing from your project (if that's the case indeed)?
The issue is not to create the TOTP key but to generate the temp code.
And I don't found anything usefull for the moment on the forum
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