Wish Trobergs big wishlist, part 8: Views/controls


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8. Views/control

In many cases, a richer interface would be nice. Many of these can be done through code, but are so common that they probably should be included in the standard controls.
* NeededWidth/NeededHeight property for most controls that contain text. Basically, it returns the size the controls needs to be to fit the contents.
* ListView. Methods to add items at a specific position.
* ImageView. Method to load an image scaled to fit the ImageView, centered with maintained proportions.
* A meaningful color property for seekbar. It's doable (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...-android-progressbar.12923/page-2#post-307711) but should be done as a property.
* Right, Bottom, HorizontalCenter, VerticalCenter, SetLeftAndRight, SetTopAndBottom for views in code as well, not just designer scripts. Not strictly necessary, but makes for neater code.
* Canvas. A method for clearing the canvas would be nice, similar to the VB Cls-method. Sure, one can draw a rectangle over the entire surface, but it's more work and not as intuitive. Also, methods/properties for setting anti-aliasing, so one doesn't have to resort to reflection.