Android Question turn on gps automatically in B4A

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by mr.A2, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. mr.A2

    mr.A2 New Member

    is there a way to turn on gps automatically without going to location setting?
    i mean turn the gps on using a button in the app
  2. emexes

    emexes Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I think no. Google is a bit touchy about apps that non-explicitly gather users' personal information.

    Check the first code block of this post:

    The post is almost a decade old, but: I just double-checked that the LocationSettingsIntent still works (yes) and I used the RuntimePermissions CheckAndRequest with GPS last week, so that's working too.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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