Tutorial Request - How to creat B4P library?


Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie with VB and C# so I can't creat B4P library by myself. I wish someone can make a step by step tutorial (with screenshots please) by #develope (because it's free). Thank you very very very much :)

Ps: Sorry for my bad English.


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Hi conf,

"How to create a B4ppc library?" should be the second question. The first is "How to develop .NET apps?" and especially "How to develop .NET apps with sharpdevelop?". If you manage to answer the first question and be an experienced .net developer, then you are ready to start looking for answers to your question, the second question in my opinion, and this forum could be useful in that.

Start searching the internet or buy a good book.
A good free start http://community.sharpdevelop.net/blogs/mattward/articles/FeatureTour.aspx

I hope I helped with respect to your concerns.



Thank Dzt for your answer, I programed Visual Basic .NET before with Visual Studio and Open .NET Compact Framework (now it isn't free) but in the beginner level. I think I need to read your link.

Thank you again. :)