Twenty Custom Buttons program for the Samsung Mondi.


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I modified and recompiled the 20 cutom buttons program to run on the
Samsung Mondi device. This program allows you to define your own buttons
and assign an ASCII character to each button. The program uses COM6 as
the outgoing serial port. The program uses Bluetooth to connect to an
external Bluetooth module such as the Firefly.

This program shells out to the "Lndsc90.exe" program to rotate the
screen 90 degrees when the program is launched. The MONDI has a
4.3 inch LCD screen and a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

The MONDI has some background images that look like stones when the
device powers up. When you launch this program you may see some of
this image show up on the screen when you press the "View" button
which displays the programs Form2.

To get rid of this garbled image just exit out of the program and then
launch it again. For now, that is the simple way to fix the screen image.
I will need to write a routine to clear out the form image area before the
programs Form2 is shown on the screen. So far, I have not seen a problem
with the Form1 image when the program is launched for the first time after
the device has just been powered up.

If anyone has any ideas on a how to do this then let me know.

Listed below are some screenshot images, the Basic4ppc file and the
installation file.


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