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Hello everyone
I want to send a call to my number etc. 123456778899 using Twilio when I click a button.
How to get started building this feature.


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Here is some very old code I had (don't include brackets [] in anything):

Sub MakeCall
    Dim EventJob As HttpJob
    Dim U As String

    U = "[TwilioAccountID]"
    EventJob.Initialize("MCall",  Me)
    EventJob.Username = "[TwilioAccountID]"
    EventJob.Password = "[TwilioPassword]"
    EventJob.PostString(U, "From=[+TwilioNumberwithCountryCodePrefix]&To=[+NumberToCallwithCountryCodePrefix]&Url=[aURLonYourServerthatTwiliowillPostCallStatusto]")

End Sub

If you need additional help, please PM me.
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