Use Basic4ppc Mobile Phones and PDAs to build simple systems.


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This example uses Basic4ppc to program a Mobile Phone and a PDA to
create a simple Audio file playback system. This system will use an
HP210 PDA placed in a fixed position while an LG Fathom Mobile phone will
be used to send commands to the HP210 PDA through a wireless Bluetooth
connection. Once a command is received by the HP210 PDA it will play the
selected Audio file through an external speaker.

An HP210 PDA was used because it has a Compact Flash card slot and a
SD Memory Card slot. I placed a Socket RS232/Compact Flash serial port
card adapter into the HP210's Compact Flash card slot. This creates a
hardwired RS232 serial port connection on Com 1 of the HP210 PDA.

I then connected a Firefly Battery Powered Bluetooth RS232 adapter
to the hardwired RS232 cable on the HP210's Compact Flash port.
The Firefly is wirelessly connected to the LG Fathom Mobile Phone.
Command characters sent from the LG Fathom arrive at the Com 1 port
of the HP210 PDA. The software running on the HP210 reads the received
character and plays the selected audio file. All of the audio files are
stored on an SD Memory card. You can easily up date the audio files
on the SD Memory card using a personal computer.

The speakers inside the HP210 are not very loud and I ran the audio from
the PDA's 3.5 mm stereo audio connector to an external battery powered
mini-amplifier/speaker made by Radio Shack. You can even connect a
larger external speaker to this mini-amplifier/speaker, it has two 3.5 mm
audio ports on it: one for audio in and one for audio out.

I used the text to speech program "Text Aloud" to create the audio files
that are stored on the SD Memory card.

The Basic4ppc software running on the LG Fathom is the "20 Custom
Buttons" program that I wrote months ago. I programmed the buttons
to send the capital letters "A thru T" when a button is pressed.

On the HP210 PDA, I wrote a simple program using Basic4ppc to
read the received character "A thru T" and play the corresponding
audio file located on the SD Memory card.

The LG Fathom Mobile phone transmits characters to the HP210 PDA.
The HP210 PDA will play the selected audio file through an amplified
external speaker.

Transmitting the capital letter: A plays audio file: a1.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: B plays audio file: a2.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: C plays audio file: a3.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: D plays audio file: a4.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: E plays audio file: a5.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: F plays audio file: a6.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: G plays audio file: a7.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: H plays audio file: a8.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: I plays audio file: a9.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: J plays audio file: a10.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: K plays audio file: a11.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: L plays audio file: a12.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: M plays audio file: a13.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: N plays audio file: a14.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: O plays audio file: a15.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: P plays audio file: a16.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: Q plays audio file: a17.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: R plays audio file: a18.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: S plays audio file: a19.wav
Transmitting the capital letter: T plays audio file: a20.wav

Below are screenshots, code and installation files.


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Screen Rotation Files for a Mobile Device.


Someone had asked about Screen Rotation files for a Mobile Device.
They were using a Samsung Mondi. The zip file below contains the
following 4 files:


By using the Shell() command in Basic4ppc you can rotate the
screen on your mobile device to: 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

I found these files in another Basic4ppc forums posting. I zipped
these files up into a file called:


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can these files be able to be used in the mobile phone from chinazrh dot com? I need more information about which mobile phones to make them available.


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Screen Rotation Files.


These screen rotation files should work on Windows Mobile devices.

I have used these files on a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 phone to rotate
the screen ( the LG Fathom Windows Mobile phone).

I have used these files on a Witstech A81 7-inch tablet running
Windows CE version 6.0.

I have used these files on a Samsung Mondi running Windows CE
version 6.11.

If your phone is running a version of Windows CE 6.0, 6.11 or 6.5.3
these screen rotation files should work.

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Hi B4PPC users,

I see my contribution from years ago is still attractif and usable...

Put Claude, member from the beginning.