Using MobileIron SDK / Wrapper (Appconnect) in b4i

Discussion in 'Job Offers' started by schimanski, Aug 2, 2019.

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    MobileIron is a mobile device management from vodafone to manage devices in a closed usergroup. With the Appconnect SDK or the IOS Wrapper, it is possible to run the app in a seperate container. I now have two things, to make it useful in b4i:

    - AppconnectAppWrapper with some contents like
    - CodeSignature
    - MacOS
    - Resources


    - AppConnect IOS SDK with
    - AppConnect.framework
    - AppConnectExtension.framework
    - plugins
    - documentation

    We are using inhouse apps, so it is not possible to look to the apple terms. I think, that it is easier to use the wrapper instead of the sdk. Can somebody tells or help me to use this wrapper? I have never done something like this before.

    Thank you for an help...

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