Android Question using seekbar as a numerical input


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As a followup I suggest to you and others , to create a new app title 'Testing 123' .
This app can then be used to test all sorts of ideas / code snippets / view methods etc. which when perfected, can be pasted to your main app.
This way your main app remains in pristine order and you are more likely to be testing code with fewer interactions.
The test app can be 'Erased / blanked' occasionally as needed.

This might not suit everyone , but I am sure it would have negated the need to ask the above question in forum.

howard bassen

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These look like god suggestions, but as a beginner I can't figure out how to get 'Value' and display it in a label or message box.


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how to get 'Value' and display it in a label
Using MangoJacks example:

Sub SeekBar1_ValueChanged (Value As Int, UserChanged As Boolean)

   If UserChanged Then
     Label1.Text = Value
   End If

End Sub