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Hi everyone,

Trying to learn and improve my skills I found a video which points to the following site in order to use TFT and Touch Screens:


I downloaded the UTFT and URTouch libraries and had a look at the .cpp file. According to the library (reading UTFT.cpp file) when the object is initialized you have to pass to it a byte that represents the Model of the TFT screen. Looking at the code I see that according to this byte it includes a different .h file (f.e. like the following)

#include "tft_drivers/ili9341/s4p/initlcd.h"

The character (") in the #include according to the arduino forum declares a path in your sketch folder while the (<>) (f.e. #include <initlcd.h>) searches in Documents\Arduino\Libraries\<name of the .h file - without the .h>.

Given the fact that the library according to the .cpp code file includes the .h files with (""), where do I have to place the folders "hardware" and "tft_drivers" included in the related zip which is downloaded from this site? Which is the sketch folder?

Thanks in advance